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Spam & Virus Protection

Viruses and spam are increasingly becoming a nuisance. Spam is a productivity killer, and hogs your mailbox with unwanted mails, which take a lot of time to read and clear. E-mail viruses can hijack your PC, destroy data and can be a big security threat to your organization.

That's why Exreal offers you our "JunkFree" - E-mail Virus & Spam protection service that filters 99% of spams and viruses from reaching your mailbox; saving time and money. Our filtering service is more effective than your conventional virus scanner and is updated with new virus information every 60 minutes. As soon as we detect a virus intended for any of our customers, it is also blocked for all other customers as well.

Incoming email is automatically scanned at the border of our network, well before it reaches your inbox for spam and viruses. Should a virus or spam be detected, it will be automatically stopped from reaching your mailbox.

On our Enterprise plans, a free 3 month trial is offered on complimentary basis. Junk Free can be subscribed to in any plan by paying the required fee.

JunkFree E-mail Virus and Spam Protection Service is not very expensive, is affordable, saves time and protects you from threats and virus attacks like MyDoom and SoBig

To know more and get pricing information, contact us today.